Thompson's Comprehensive Vehicle Reconditioning Process

What is Vehicle Reconditioning?

Vehicle reconditioning is a process that all Thompson Dealerships have standardized within our pre-owned vehicle inventory. Whenever one of our Pre-Owned Sales Managers receives a pre-owned vehicle, it undergoes our extensive reconditioning process to make sure that it is mechanically repaired and cosmetically refinished for the next owner. The process involves a thorough inspection and full interior and exterior detail. A reconditioned vehicle from any Thompson dealership isn't just someone else’s used car, it's a vehicle that has been brought back to “like-new” condition so the next owner can drive confidently off our lot.

What is the Vehicle Reconditioning Process at Thompson?

Thompson dealerships put every pre-owned vehicle through a multi-phase process that covers inspections, any needed repairs, and full detailing.

  1. Initial Inspection

    The process starts with our Pre-Owned Sales Manager doing a brief walkaround of the vehicle. They will make notes of any visible damage or blemishes on both the interior cabin and exterior body of the vehicle. Anything they notice will be relayed to our Service and Detail teams.

  2. Service Center Repairs

    Once the vehicle makes its way to our Service Center, one of our Certified technicians will do a more in-depth mechanical inspection of the vehicle. They will make any necessary repairs and replace any parts or fluids that don’t meet Thompson’s standards. Our team will perform a full state inspection and oil change, making sure that the next owner will be hassle-free for the foreseeable future. Afterward, it's off to Thompson Detail Center for the final step in our reconditioning process.

  3. Detail Center

    The team at Thompson Detail Center will put the vehicle through full interior and exterior detail, but that’s not all. Our team also offers bumper repair, paint correction, leather refinishing, and even window tinting if that’s something the next owner is interested in. Once this step is complete, the vehicle is sent back to the dealership for final approval from our Pre-Owned Sales Manager before being added to the inventory on our lot.

While the procedure may seem lengthy, our goal is to complete this process in less than a few days so we have a fully reconditioned pre-owned vehicle on our lot and available for customers as soon as possible.

Why is Reconditioning Important?

Reconditioning addresses any pre-existing issue that the vehicle may have had at the time of the trade-in, and brings the vehicle as close to new as we can get it. The reconditioning process brings more value to a pre-owned vehicle and offers a sense of confidence for the next owner. The team at Thompson goes above and beyond, making our reconditioning process second to none.

Is a Reconditioned Vehicle Safe to Buy?

When you purchase a reconditioned vehicle from Thompson, you can rest assured knowing you’re investing in a vehicle that has been through multiple inspections, both mechanically and cosmetically. Our reconditioned vehicles have passed not only a state inspection and meet factory specifications, but also meet OUR standards.